Bak Kwa Sampler

Product Description

Perfect Gifting 

Transport your special someones to the Pacific Rim with a holiday gift of our high-protein Bak Kwa, a Singapore and Malaysian Street-Style meat snack. And now you can get a great deal on our sampler for $35.

Snack Better! 

You can always feel good about Little Red Dot Kitchen's minimally processed and Specialty Food Association sofi® award-wining Bak Kwa meat snacks. They are produced from protein sources raised humanely and without antibiotics or hormones. Our Bak Kwa is also free from artificial ingredients, wheat, dairy and eggs.

Our Sampler include 6 bags of Bak Kwa:

Pork Bak Kwa 1 x 2.5 oz

Turkey Bak Kwa 1 x 2.5 oz

Spicy Candied Bacon 1 x 2 oz

Spicy Chipotle Beef Bak Kwa 1 x 2 oz

Lemongrass Beef Bak Kwa 1 x 2 oz


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