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We've made a few changes to our store and products. Please take a moment to check 'em out!




Traced to the source, sustainably raised. We use Diestel Turkey from the Sierra foothills, 100% pure Angus Beef and the british-native Hampshire Hogs that are all-natural, cage free, antibiotics & hormones free.

USDA inspected

Well, you might not care - but thought we’d let you know anyways. The USDA helps enforce a much stringent health and safety standards. We’ve also just passed a 3rd-Party Good Manufacturing Practice audit (wheee~!)

Price Change

We’ve held the price steady over the past ~3 years. Unfortunately, price of meat has seen significant increase that’s particular due to last year’s drought.


Bag Size

All 1/2-lb (8-oz) products are now replaced with 3 x 3-oz (9-oz) packaging.





We promise to only send you good things.