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The day when Karen entered us into La Cocina's and Whole Food's Local Forager Contest, I remembered saying, "What did we just do? How can we win?"

Sure, we can't say enough how thrilled we are at the opportunity to showcase our products, to meet with Harvey and Whole Food's marketing team, a chance to say "Hi!" to Bay Area foodies.  But first, I was terrified. 'What if no one votes?" That was exactly 10 days ago.

The San Francisco Street Food Festival is hosted annually by Lo Cocina, a SF-based non-profit incubator kitchen. The festival celebrates 'entrepreneurship and passionate local producers and restaurants, with a hippy vibe thrown in'. There will be lots of fun, lots of food, and lots of people. Needless to say, we want to be part of the street food action.

We're now in the top 4 spots, and it won't last. With 10 more days to go, we need you to send your love from your corner of the world. Please help us win a spot to the 4th annual SF Street Food Festival, vote for Little Red Dot Kitchen here :D


Thank you to everyone who have voted and spread the words for us, for your e-mails, twitter shout outs, and Facebook likes!

>> UPDATE 07/29/12:

Thank you thank you thank you for all your votes!!!! We're able to secure one of 4 spots to SF Street Food Fest because of all the LOVE you've sent our way!!

Winners were announced on July 26 (Thurs). Albeit all the exhaustion and clearly visible dark eye circles from our month long intense rally (I have new found respect for politicians) - we were totally stoked! Love Street Food in San Francisco?

Rice Paper duo, Little Red Dot Specialty Snacks, Mozzeria and Bahn Mi co. duo

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