Our Ingredients


From Farm-To-Bag, we only source animal protein from domestic family farmers that employ eco-sustainability where animals are raised in a social-friendly environment, 100% vegetarian fed and never given antibiotics or hormones. 

We believe we can make delicious, healthier meat snacks and support healthy food eco-system through dedication to the conservation of water and soil integrity.

Lean turkey snacks natural protein gluten free



We are committed to sourcing the very best ingredients from producers who are the leaders in supporting healthy food eco-system via conserving water and building soil integrity. We craft our products in small batches, work with farmers who raise their pigs without gestational crates, partner with family businesses where traditional wood barrel slow aging technique for sauces is still employed, and ranchers raising their cattle domestically to reduce carbon footprints in our food.

Curious where Farmer Dee raises his hogs and Mrs. Diestel tend her flocks?  Here are some family farmers who take pride in their well-managed farms and good old fashioned labor. All our animals are sustainably raised in a socially friendly environment, 100% vegetarian fed and never given antibiotics or hormones.



American Homestead Natural Meats is a network of 35 traditional, full-time family hog farms committed to animal welfare and responsible farming methods who have worked with us for years and who understand and share our values.

These family farms are the core of our business, and these families work and live on the farm.  These are not "corporate" or industrial factory farms. They take their responsibilities to the land, to the American consumer and their animals very seriously. 


Diestel Turkey is one of the last standing, small, family-owned turkey grower. Raised in the Sierra Foothill, Diestel's free-range turkey roams and pecks freely, its growth never rushed. The family employs sustainable methods of agriculture and conserve biological resources such as composting and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, reuse resources instead of landfilling and minimize the use of ground water. To this day, the Diestel family still maintains the practice of walking their flocks every morning.