Our Story

Missing native hometown food of Singapore and Malaysia

Our Back Story 

Little Red Dot is an idea born out of necessity - to solve a problem for ourselves. The overwhelming craving for a taste of our native land and our insatiable appetite for Bak Kwa, a Southeast Asian street snack originating from Singapore and Malaysia, as well as the inability to find it in California, led us to roll up our sleeves to concoct our very own version of it. Little Red Dot is the nickname for Singapore, a teeny-tiny but proud island that is denoted on a map as a 'little red dot.’ 

From Farm-to-Bag, we're super excited to serve up our native street snacks Straits-side to States-side. Not only are we trying to preserve the taste of home, we believe our bodies reflect what we eat; We're proud to be able to partner with the best domestic farmers and ingredients producers, and make tasty food with quality ingredients. Hope you'll love our products as much as we do!
From all the ninjas,