What is Bak Kwa

What is Bak Kwa

Seasoned with Southeast Asian spices then slow grilled to perfection, Bak Kwa (BUCK K'WAH) is a Singapore and Malaysian Street-Style roasted meat snack.  Packed with umami, Bak Kwa is often small-batch crafted, then roasted to seal in moisture and to give it an authentic smoky char. It's succulent, sweet and savory. Bak Kwa is similar to many jerky, meat sticks or meat bars, but It's Better Than Jerky!®
What makes Bak Kwa different from jerky or meat bars is the cooking method that results in a more tender, juicier protein-rich snack. Native jerky was traditionally air-dried over days. Modern jerky speed up its drying process with a commercial dehydrator or smokehouse where the temperature is often warm and humid. Air circulation is also increased to speed up its drying process. 
 In Southeast Asia, Singapore and Malaysia namely, Bak Kwa is a popular street snack. (It was also featured on CNN Go as top 10 Singapore street food we cannot live without!). It is still grilled or roasted over charcoal. The cooking process is much quicker (as it's not dehydrated over days), resulting in softer texture and bolder flavors.
 Elevating from traditional Bak Kwa crafting, we've made this century old 
protein-rich snack healthier and portable. All our Bak Kwa are gluten free, without added hormones and antibiotics. Compare our Bak Kwa to traditional jerky and meat bars, you'll find our meat snacks have lower sodium as no nitrites and nitrates are added.

Bak Kwa is Juicy, Tender, Slow Grilled. It's Better Than Jerky!® 

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