Trendspotting Southeast Asian


Those who have traveled to Southeast Asia will tell you, it's food mecca. In many cities in Malaysia and in Singapore, no matter the hours of day or night, from hawker stalls to street vendors to Hainanese kopitiam (coffee shops), we seem to be eating 24 hours a day.

Walk down a street and you'll pass a Chinese woman tossing laksa (curry noodles) in her own specialty broth next to Indian man "pulling" teh tarik from glass to glass and Malay woman selling nasi lemak (coconut milk rice eaten with sambal, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, peanuts and fried chicken).

Eating is an entree to our culture and introduction to our native land's distinctly Chinese, Indian and Malay food. The savory, sweet, sour and spicy - it assaults every senses there is and we hope that Food & Wine's trendspotting Southeast Asia would keep you curious and salivating for a taste :)

"American chefs have become fixated on Southeast Asia" - Food & Wine

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