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10 Reasons for the Culinary World to Welcome Spring 0

Spring is in the air, flowers in bloom, winter gear has already gone back in closet hibernation, and our Little Red Dot Kitchen bak kwa-slinging ninjas are back in our new and improved kitchen working away. From seasonal produce, food television programs, bacon, farmers, gastropubs and locally grown goodies, here are ten reasons why we will be  (and hopefully you too!) welcoming Spring 2013 with wide open arms:

Local and seasonal produce

You know spring is here when some of our favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables start popping up in abundance in stores and farmers markets. Asparagus pretty much marks the arrival of spring, while broccoli, kale, radishes, sunchokes, cauliflower, bok choy and artichokes are also reaching a peak.

farmers marketSustainable Farming and Buying Local

Sustainability isn’t just a trending buzzword, sustainable agriculture has been put in the spotlight as the future for the farming industry. Pasture-raised, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, farm raised, free range, organic, a new generation of farmer is setting the tone to honor and respect where our food comes from, and this is getting national press. In Dallas, for example, organization Edible DFW has teamed up with Chipotle for a spring food film series that aims to raise awareness about buying local and sustainable agriculture practices. Or premiering this spring, the documentary series Grow chronicles a movement of young educated city dwellers leaving corporate jobs to become farmers in Georgia.

Food Shows12.10.31.mind_of_a_chef

In seems like 2013 will be the year of the food shows, and we can’t wait for all the food-loving television that’s about to come our way. Anthony Bourdain has two hits premeiring: Parts Unknown, a CNN show where he will go to undiscovered crevices of the world to show different foods and cultures. Another one of our favorites is PBS show Mind of a Chef, produced and narrator by Bourdain, and starring celebrated chef David Chang, following him around the world on a culinary journey. There are a lot of other great shows coming up this season, check out Grubstreet's analysis on what's worth watching.

Spring Recipes

Put away the hearty stews and comfort foods, because spring is all about bright, fresh and nutritious meals. We are especially fans of Smitten Kitchen, Tastespotting and Simply Recipes, which all gives great seasonal springtime recipes. Our top picks? Farm raised poached eggs on top of grilled asparagus, artichoke soup and strawberry rhubarb pie.

3766_10151331555087692_1574790512_n Farm-stand find: Can you name this odd looking fruit?

Gastropubs & Microbrews

Sure the whole gastropub craze is not new trend, but as we enter the warm weathered air it’s just the right time to really enjoy ice cold microbrewery beers to the max. That's why we've looked to Eater’s Handy Guide to LA’s Gastropubs, a bar bible that should be required LA reading.

Cross-restaurant collaborations

Don’t you love a good restaurant collaboration? It’s like in Seinfeld’s bizarro world of the culinary world, all-star chefs, from killer restaurants, teaming up or swapping kitchens for the ultimate food fest. Alinea's Grant Achatz traded places with Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park last year, and we can look forward to many more pop-up collaboration takeovers.


I love bacon, you love bacon, we all love bacon. Bacon has become more than just a favorite food, and exploded into a nation-wide obsession. Bacon sundaes, bacon mayonnaise, bacon soap, bacon salt, bacon magnetic poetry bacon condoms and good ole fashioned bacon: it’s no longer shocking to find ridiculous bacon products on the market.

Southeast Asian (Street) Food

Warm spring weather means outdoor dining, but our idea of eating under the open stars might be different than others. For us, warm weather marks street food and food truck season, especially with our favorite cuisines: Southeast Asian food. Malaysian food trucks in New York, Singaporean street food, well umm in the world's street food country capital, Singapore.. the whole nation has looked to Southeast Asian cuisine as the top dogs in street food culture.

Instagramming #Foodstagramphoto

Like it or not, we are a high tech nation of smart phone food loving Instagrammers. Have an insane spread at #breakfast? Instagram Earlybird.  Getting down and dirty with some yummy #dimsum? Instagram Walden. Eat your little heart's galore of our spicy chipotle beef #bakkwa? Instagram Kelvin.

Food Start Ups & Collectives

As a food start up ourselves, we love seeing young, enthusiastic and creative entrepreneurs working together on inspiring food projects. Organizations like Local Food Lab are changing the way food start ups launch products while Food Hackathon was the first event that brought together food lovers and developers to share their brainy food knowledge.