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Angry Birds fever turns into Bak Kwa loving snack 0

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Angry birds are now everywhere. I see them in the malls, on commercials, soft toys and now, edibles! Who knows you can turn angry birds into food? Here's an idea if you're hit with a 3-o’ clock energy slump and if you have some Bak Kwa and bread in your pantry.

You can make it into low-calorie snack sandwich packed with protein, dairy and fiber all in 165 calories no more.

Hope your angry bird does more than just a pick-me-up for ya. Enjoy!

Quick afternoon fix with sandwich under 150 calories:

Protein: 3/4 pc of Bak Kwa Lite 65 calories

Dairy: 2% monterey jack cheese 60 calories

Fiber: Tomatoes 5 calories, handful of lettuce 0 calorie

Half a slice of fluffy white bread 30 calories

A Birdie Says Local 0

Good news! We are now offering local pick up for Bay Area residents through Bay Leaf Restaurant located in Sunnyvale, CA!
bak kwa meat jerky local pickup
To find out more, here.

How to BBQ Summer Edition Bak Kwa 0

As summer approaches, one thinks of laid back barbecue gathering to relax and enjoy warm weather without an abundance of planning. For easy treats that require minimal preparation, our summer edition Bak Kwa (BBQ meat snacks) might just be the answer for you.

Extra crispy or mouth-watering juicy, you decide how your piping hot Bak Kwa should be done.


  1. For charcoal grill, lay the meat on the outer rim of BBQ pit, giving it indirect heating. Grill BK for 4 - 6 minutes, depending on amount of charcoal used. Flip every 2 minutes with lid on. Remove quickly once you detect caramelizing, i.e. sizzling bubbles.
  2. For gas grill, preheat the grill with all burners on High. Then adjust the burner directly below the meat to 450F and flip every minute. Our meat snacks should be ready after 3 - 4 flips.
  3. For oven/toaster oven, preheat the oven and leave the Summer Edition Bak Kwa in the oven/toaster oven for 2 minutes. Leave for another 30s - 1 min if you like it extra crispy. Be sure to watch it as its sugar will caramelize quickly and burn if left cooked for too long.

Talk about effortless treats that keep your guests coming for more while you look the part of a grill master!

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